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"...Thanks so much. The photographs are beautiful!..."
Galia, mother of 5 month old

"...I love the pictures! Thanks so much. We hope that we can have you take some more pictures when he is bigger before you move! I am going to send your info to a couple friends who were asking about you- hopefully they will call you soon..."
Rachel, mother of 7 month old

"...Nina Naylor is a great photographer at a great price.
She is a super person, mom and is incredibly patient. Worth hiring a couple times per year..."

Anonymous GGMG posting

"...Thank you for being so patient with Tilden on Saturday. He really enjoyed the session. All weekend he was playing that he was a photographer named "Nina" and brought his blocks out to "set up" his camera and then my husband and I had to pose for shots so that he could take our picture. You definitely have a fan!..."
Willow, mother of 3 yr old

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